Butterfly Kisses

Designed by Holly Hanley

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  • 7 Oct, 2013
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Butterfly Kisses

Preparation Mix Warm White with Texture Crackle (3:1) and use the 12 shader to paint the edges of the cut out butterflies and edge of the center square.  Now, use the palette knife to apply a thin coat of Texture Crackle (no Warm White added) to the top of the butterflies and the center 8×8 […]

  • 30 Sep, 2013
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Canada Paintin’ Bear Pin

Preparation (Pin should be approx 2 3/4″ wide by 3 1/2″ tall.) Seal the wood piece with matte varnish.  Let dry and sand lightly with the grain. Adding Texture Use the stippler brush to apply Snow Tex to the bear.  Start with a dab of Snow Tex on the ear, pouncing in the center to […]