DecoArt Americana

  • White 1
  • Raw Sienna 93
  • Burnt Umber 64
  • French Vanilla 184
  • Neons Fiery Red
  • Camel 191
  • Soft Black 155
  • Lamp Black 67 Tuscan Red

Princeton Select Series 3750

  • 10/0 short liner
  • 1/8” deerfoot stippler (x2)
  • ¼” angular shader
  • ½” mop
  • 6 shader
  • 2 round

  • DecoArt Snow Tex
  • Red Glitter
  • All Purpose Sealer
  • Matte Varnish
  • Stylus
  • Tracing, Graphite, palette paper
  • sanding oval
  • spray varnish
  • brush cleaner


(Pin should be approx 2 3/4″ wide by 3 1/2″ tall.)

Seal the wood piece with matte varnish.  Let dry and sand lightly with the grain.

Adding Texture

Use the stippler brush to apply Snow Tex to the bear.  Start with a dab of Snow Tex on the ear, pouncing in the center to create the indent of the ear and then add more Snow and stipple the back of the head creating a thin layer.  Pick up a lot more Snow Tex and create the muzzle making it nice and full at the top and tapering it as you move downwards into the shadow.  For the most part, use more Snow Tex in the highlight areas and less in the shadow areas indicated by dots on the pattern.  Let dry.  Base with Raw Sienna.

Red Maple Leaves

Base with Tuscan Red, brushing in Neons Hot Shots around the edges.   It may not show up much, so you can also float or dry brush some around the edges of the leaves.  Shade next to the bear and around the brushes with Tuscan Red+tch of Black.  Mop to soften.  Add a little sparkle dash of White on the edges with the liner brush.


Base the handles with Black.  Use the round brush and dry brush a highlight down the center of the handles with White+tch of Black and then just White.  The ferrules (metal part) are a light grey; mix White with a touch of Black.  Shade down the sides with Black.  Dry brush to highlight again as you did on the handle.  The hairs on the brush are Raw Sienna.  Shade next to the ferrule with Burnt Umber.  Add a touch of White to the Raw Sienna and then streak a few little lines at the top of the brush hairs for highlight.


The bear is painted with the wet on wet technique.  Colors that are wet blend better.  Use Raw Sienna as the base color, Burnt Umber as the shading color and Camel and then French Vanilla as the highlight colors.   I usually use 2 stipplers; one for the base and shading color and one for the highlight colors.  If you just have one brush, just wipe it off well in between the colors.   Here are some tips for this technique:

  1. Start by stippling the area that is the farthest back, like the tummy.  Apply a heavy coat of the base color to this area so it stays nice and wet while you stipple on the shadows and highlights.  Wipe the brush lightly on some paper towel.
  2. Pick up some of the shading color on the toe of the brush.  Pounce lightly on the palette to blend a little and then begin in the darkest area and pounce away from that.  The dots on the pattern indicate the shadow areas.
  3. Now, pick up some of the base color with the other stippler brush.  Not too much paint.  Then, pick up some of the highlight color on the toe of the brush.  Pounce this in the brightest areas while the base and shading colors are still wet.  Pick up a little French Vanilla and add a little more highlight, not covering as much as you did with the Camel.   Proceed to another section until the bear is done.  Let dry.Tip:  If you get a harsh line where the shading and highlight colors meet, wipe the stippler clean and lightly pounce over the line where they meet.  This should blend away if it still wet.
  4. Cheeks:  Drybrush with Antique Rose.
  5. Paint the eyes and mouthline with Soft Black.
  6. The nose is painted to look like it is sewn on.  Use a small round brush with Burnt Umber and stroke vertical lines on.  While wet, stroke a few little highlights on the top of the nose with Raw Sienna and then Camel.
  7. The inside of the mouth is Rookwood.  Shade along the top of the mouth when dry with Soft Black.  The tongue is painted with Rookwood+Camel.  Add a sparkle dash with Camel.  Finishing TouchesAdd glitter to the heart, the little swirls on the leaves and the Canada lettering on the brush.  Use the liner to paint the “vein lines” on the leaves with All Purpose Sealer and then sprinkle red glitter over.  Make sure to only do a couple of lines at a time so the sealer is still nice and wet when you sprinkle the glitter over. Spray varnish with your fave.

Hope you enjoyed painting this little pin!